Someone's Final Song Songtext
von Elton John

Someone's Final Song Songtext

Someone's Final Song

album &quotBlue Moves" 1976

he died when the house was empty
when the maid had gone
he put a pen to paper
for one final song

he wrote:
&quotHey babe
it's the only way
I know it's wrong but I can't stand
to go on living
to go on living
living life this way

and I don't know what the time is
or what the next line is
or how you're gonna take the news
but if I had my life again ooh ooh
I wouldn't change a thing
I'd let nobody
I'd let nobody
stand inside my shoes

oh something's gotten hold of me
this home is not the home that it used to be
I've gathered dust
like the dying flowers ooh ooh
and I've drunk myself sober
after hours and hours

huh huh huh huh

after hours and hours

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