Temple of War Songtext
von Elizium

Temple of War Songtext

You, you don't know me
You do not know that I exist
But you want me to die for you
And feast upon my rotting flesh

You use me as sustenance
To feed a never ending battle
My bones are the foundations
On which to raise your temple of war

I am carrion
For the mouth of war
I am carrion
For vultures in disguise
Yet you do not care

White pillars standing tall
Gleaming in the sun
This is the temple
Of red, white and blue
Lay me down upon the altar
And sacrifice me
For red, white and blue

My demise doesn't stop you
To take advantage of me
I did not know what I signed up for
This contract extends after my death

Your banner blinded me
Fighting for the good cause
And now that I'm lying here
A sacrifice in your temple of war

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