A Tragic End Songtext
von Elizium

A Tragic End Songtext

An autumn breeze that moved the leaves
Whispered lullabies through enchanted trees
Icecold lake like sheets of glass
Shades of fog that cover the grass

Barefoot, shivering, with shaking hands
Mechanically executing her final plans
Her eyes gaze up as she throws the rope
Virginhood gone and so her hope

Death will take what life's been given
Happiness ends in tragedy
Little white neck so brutally riven
Nature sings it's symphony
Lifeless eyes and gruesome past
The rope's been used as remedy
Even the stars won't ever last
Listen to their haunted melody

Majestic tree bent under winter's crown
The girl climbs up, the moon goes down
She grabs the rope with hangmans knot
Twigs break and fall to rot

Memories full with fears of father
He raped and told her not to bother
No-one would believe the chaplains daughter
Company of cross and holy water

Silence is gone as she bursts into tears
Emotions erupting by living with fears
The upcoming sun tells the end of it all
An agonized cry breaks right after the fall

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