If You've Got Love Songtext
von Electronic

If You've Got Love Songtext

You are the only one I need
And you mean everything to me
I can't get you out of my mind
You've got the face I want to see
You're never in when I'm around
When I turn up you turn me down
If you lie to me I believe you
Yes I have to I will leave you

*Stop if you've got love
Take all your faith and make it good
Bow down, surrender, follow love
And make it yours forever more
Why don't you stop if you've got love
Don't lose this grace its just too good
I hope its me you're thinking of
Because I feel the need

You never know what's going on
But you tell me that I am wrong
If it was up to me I would leave you
But it isn't. I believe you
I would do anything I could
Just to make sure you understood
But I wouldn't ever decieve you
Though I'd want to, I could not to


La la la la (Repeat)

Stop if you've got love (Repeat)
If you've got love (Repeat)

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