From The Sun To The World (Boogie #1) Songtext
von Electric Light Orchestra

From The Sun To The World (Boogie #1) Songtext

Listen to me sister, I got news from the Governor
And he's heard people shoutin' from the towers in the city
While their babies grow in test tubes over night

Run and fetch the priest 'cos there's a light on in the building
And there's sounds blowin' out in the music of the night
And we should try to get the people out alive

Movin' 'cross the ocean with the flag of death a'flyin
And the demon butcher pointin' out the message on the tide
And the demon light a'sailin at his side

Stormin' down the airwaves comes the protest and the prayin'
And the love that shone down from the sun to world
No longer could support the life it gave

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