Fuck You All Songtext
von Ektomorf

Fuck You All Songtext

There is the motherfucker, look at him
He has got a big car and money
He is sure that he can be anything
He want everyone and everything

There is the jerk off look at him
Sitting the whole day in the fucked up office
His name is Boss, he wanna fuck me up
I have a message to them

Fuck you all

There is the motherfucker look at him
He thinks that he is so important
But he is a loser, he is just a slave
And he wanna tell me how I have to live

There is the jerk off, look at him
He wanna stand above everyone
I've got a message to them

Fuck you all

I'm fed up with them, I don't want more
I'm fed up with them, fuck you all
Fuck your society, fuck your system
I destroy them all
I destroy them

Poser motherfuckers, fake wannabes
I can't take anymore, all this shit
They piss me off, they make me mad
I've got a message to them

Fuck you all

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