Champagne Songtext
von E-40 feat. Rick Ross & French Montana

Champagne Songtext

Get up early, tell that bitch to give brain
Then brush my teeth with champagne
Then brush my teeth with champagne
Then brush my teeth with champagne

We met at the club, I fucked her the fire
She swam in the pool, I smoked in the spa
Girl and we ball, you robbin Peter for Paul
Gotta keep indoors when killers sleep in your yard
I get it so fast on your sense you′re the vet
I'm up in the function, young nigga tippin this glass
My jacket expensive, it′s made out of lizard
I fuck with E-40, that nigga been bout his business
We going million for million, OG giving me game
BS all in my deal then sprinkle me mane
Fuck boy, been real
Big money, straight bout it
Double M, E-40
Rose straight wilin

My gold chain bitch like a monument
Music hella wild like a argument
Throw yo head like a golf tournament
Hanging on the trees like a ornament
And I put that on my gat, 30R6 with the good far strap
Put yo face back like a plastic surgeon
Put you out of business like Merlin's
This is for kisses and flirtin
He suffers baby lotion, Jergens
If you satisfyin that botch
You ain't gotta pacify that botch
Take the training wheels off (Take the training wheels off)
Look, I′m never on time, I′m the last to arrive
Probably gon be late for my own funeral
Never been a square, never been a cubical
Used to sell drugs like a pharmaceutical
Pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical
Used to sell drugs like a pharmaceutical
Got the blue whip, got the green thumb
Split it down the middle, put it in my lung

On point, I'm filthy
That′s that free throw
They said I burned my bridges
Cop a speedboat
Young nigga ballin, fuck niggas don't like it
Got yo bitch in the air, legs crossed like mercy
Man I brush my teeth with champagne
Fucked yo bitch wearin every chain
Big firetruck full of them
Get that D like Gary Payton
California here, coke boys out here
Can′t you see I'm high?
Stop talkin there inmy ear
Swerving Xan too, diamonds be clean
I′m the 10th mill, have me hot for 10 weeks
Sippin on it, grippin on it, whippin on that foreign
Now I'm beefin on er all night
And I'll be a ghost in the morning

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