I Get Down Songtext
von E-40 feat. B-Legit

I Get Down Songtext

You see em riding round town on them big ole tires
When you sitting up high you better ride with that fire
Cause I get down (ya gotta get down)
Cause I get down (I get down)
Shit it'll get ugly round here on these folk on cycles
When I see my punk I'm turning off his lights
Cause I get down (ya gotta get down)
Cause I get down (I get down)

My necklace real, I'm iced out
Riding on a Ferris wheels finna turn it out
Sliding by the function with my beat on slump
Pounding, sounding like Chewbacca in the trunk
Clowning, making my presents known
Campaigning in my two-tone talking on my findo
Smoking on some story tell outta my whips
Billing like a trillion bucks having my chips

I make love to the block then kiss the corner
Ride up hop shots put the hot shit on ya
In this California hard-heads don't mind
Let the nina nine Nicky nit the neck one time
Respect my shine and let the sixes talk
I knock a nigga down that a fix his walk
Got the sickest hunk I put the beam on the eagle
Get's down and I don't like people

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat
Can't be seven days, can't be week
Gotta be a beast on these streets like a tyrannosaurus rex
Can't be soft like a box of Kleenex
Uhh, digital beam chasing the dream turkey bags and cream
Living like a king, thumper by my screen
Don't wanna be broke like a lebby now that I'm having my feddi
She try'na throw me the monkey, she try'na give me the panties

She try'na give me the panties but I don't want it I sell it
I let the suckas get with it so they can hit it and dell it
I run the sliver then mail it and when they smell it it's good
85 hundred when they land in the hood
I'm a beast with the mouthpiece goon with the spoon
Hundred thousand cash in the hotel room
I got kicks in the tie but the fire with me
And I can dim your headlights it's on sight with me

My lil niggas is I'll be on some sick shit
Knock a nigga down and then go smoke a cigarette
(Pitching from the mount Vallejo's most ignorant
Thirty forty rounds do is legumes)
I got some bitches that love a pimp I'm try'na get paid
They can suck the yellow yolk up out of the egg
(On the track with legs big tittes and ass
And the swan bitch get the money fast)
I can't slow down all gas no brakes
No refunds and no we bake
(So come get some cause we get cake
No mistake chef the ruby and flake)

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