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Umbrella (commentary) Songtext
von Duncan Laurence

Umbrella (commentary) Songtext

′Umbrella' might be one of my favorite tracks on the album

In the early stage of quarantine
I made a life-changing choice by deciding to start producing songs myself
Songs like ′Umbrella', 'Sleeping On The Phone′ and ′Figure It Out' were a couple of my first creations
As not only a songwriter and a singer, but also a producer

I can′t describe the feeling I get whenever I listen to 'Umbrella′
I'm just so proud, but at the same time I feel so free
Free, because I know as an artist who produces his own tracks
I can really tell the story that I want to tell in a song
Not only through lyrics, not only through melody
But through the whole entire song
Every single instrument, soundscape, every effect... It′s all me

And that's what I love about producing my own tracks
That's what I love about ′Umbrella′

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