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Love Don’t Hate It (commentary) Songtext
von Duncan Laurence

Love Don’t Hate It (commentary) Songtext

I remember this session so well
I must′ve told it a hundred times now but the story never really bores me

Sam Farrar is one of the writers on 'Love Don′t Hate It'
And during the writing session
I didn't even know he was a member of Maroon 5
A band that I listened to a lot when I was younger
Let′s say I′m not really a fanboy when it's-
I don′t really look up the details and stuff, but I love their music
I was shocked to get home after such a nice session
To find out on his Instagram that he was in Maroon 5
Or is in Maroon 5

'Love Don′t Hate It' is a song about loving who you want to be
And not backing off
Not pretending to be anyone else than yourself
In the search for love

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