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Last Night (commentary) Songtext
von Duncan Laurence

Last Night (commentary) Songtext

′Last Night' was written in the hills of Scottland
In an old farm, in the middle of Christmas tree fields
It′s a beautiful place, owned by Ash, one of the writers of 'Last Night'
And his wife, Kimmy
And we travelled there to find inspiration and we did!

The session was really fun, we started with a song that-
Well, we started with a production that kind of sounded like Fleetwood Mac
Kind of a Fleetwood Mac inspired guitar line
And it reminded me in some ways, a little bit of ′Dreams′
Which is one of my all-time favorite songs

And, eventually, after writing all the melodies, chords and lyrics to it, we threw it all away
We threw the whole production away and just played the song with simply an acoustic guitar
And me singing along to that
It was really magical, the song itself was so powerful
And that's when I realised that for writing songs, you don′t need much
You don't need the gadgets, the apps, the whatevers
All you need is just a voice, a guitar and some good ideas
And there you go!

And ′Last Night' is really one of those songs

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