World of Inconvenience Songtext
von Dub Trio feat. King Buzzo

World of Inconvenience Songtext

Good god almighty
Stupid awful game
That never stopped him before my worry
It only makes it stupid
Bloody and burning
The unresponsive god
A downward spiral into darkness
But you cut me off
And you remain oblivious to that
Far away from here
White ball of healing light
Maybe you should help me out now
My god, you're red and warm
I don't understand this place

Now that's pain
I'm going buffalo hunting
A world of inconvenience, poor choice of words I want them dead
I was up close
Loafing along a weird death valley
I only thought that they were raised
In this world of inconvenience
Maybe you should help me out now
The unresponsive godless man
Extraordinary survival instincts, bird animals
I want them dead, the tongue of god, I want them dead
Head hunting
A world of inconvenience
A weird death valley

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