Mess Around Songtext
von Dr. John & The Meters

Mess Around Songtext

Yeah yeah
Yeah, you all get down, and mess around

Ah this is my little style of boogie
It′s what you call radiatin', a radiatin′
You know what I'm saying
Yeah everybody go ahead, and get down
I go home and break down

You know someone's got that backyard BBQ
Everybody′s doin′ it baby, something new
We're gonna mess around
Gonna get down, and mess around
Yeah gonna mess around

See that little girl, with the diamond nng
She′s surely knows how, to do her thing
She'll know, how to mess around
She′ll gonna get down, and mess around
Everybody go ahead and get down
Now I'm gonna play a little piano for you
Ah go ahead, and play that saxophone

Go ahead and you take Sally, and I′ll take Sue
Gonna do the funky thing, baby, me and you
We're gonna mess around
Everybody get down, and mess around
Everybody go ahead, and get down
You all got to do the mess around

You all break down, yeah now
Break down, and mess around
Just gimme that real good thing

Keep doin' my thing, been messin′ around
You′re doing that funky thing
When you're doing that mess around
Everybody break down
Get down, oh, everybody do it
Go ahead and mess around
Go for that story and get down
I said everybody get down
Everybody do that little mess around
Oh mess around, get down and mess around

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