Lover Come Back Songtext
von Doris Day

Lover Come Back Songtext

Fun may be fun but it's not when the one that you love has gone
I try to sleep but the counting of sheep goes on and on
Without your kiss I just cannot exist from the night 'till dawn
Lover, lover, lover, come back
You had me where I was walking on air, never touched the ground
Now I have learned there's a torch to burned since you're not around
I'm gonna place an ad in the space under lost and found
Lover, lover, lover, come back
I'm like a birdie without its wing
Like a puppet without its string
I'm not anything, without you
My lover thinking about you and being without you is what it took
Now I'm all set gonna go out and get you by hook or crook
Whoever said they liked crawling in bed with a real good book
I've made my conclusion, I know what I lack,
There's no substitution, so please hurry back
Lover, lover, lover, lover, lover come on back
come on back
Lover come back

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