Goodbye Songtext
von Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

Goodbye Songtext

What's your favorite idea?
Mine is being creative
How do you get the idea?
I just try to think creatively
Now when you look at this orange tell me please
What do you see?
It's just a boring old orange
Maybe to you, but not to me
I see a silly face
Walking along and smiling at me
I don't see what you mean
'Cause you're not thinking creatively
So take a look at my hair (cool)
I use my hair to express myself
That sounds really boring
I use my hair to express myself
Now, when you stare at the clouds in the sky
Don't you find it exciting?
Come on, take another look

(Oh wait) I can see a hat,
I can see a cat
I can see a man with a baseball bat
I can see a dog,
I can see a frog
I can see a ladder leaning on a log
Think you're getting the hang of it now
Using your minds to have a good time
I might paint a picture of a clown
Whoa there friend, you might need to slow down
Here's another good tip
(Yeah?) of how to be a creative wiz kid
Go and collect some leaves and sticks
And arrange them into your favorite color
Blue, Red, Green
Green is not a creative color
There's one more thing that you need to know
Before you let your creativety flow
Listen to your heart
Listen to the rain
Listen to the voices in your brain
Come on guys, let's get creative!
(Get creative)
Now let's all agree to never be creative again

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