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von Donna Summer

Get Ethnic Songtext

Lying here in the sun just trying to get a tan
trying to find a look to go with the plan

Everyone's different
everyone's go their thing
spinman give me a rhythm... swing, swing

You don't have to dance alone
you get on the floor and make yourself at home
do anything you want to do
it's alright... it's all up to you

(Ethnic chorus):
It doesn't matter what skin you're in
baby let the groove begin
get ethnic... all day
get ethnic... all night
'gonna chill and ride the day out
people let me tell you what it's all about
get ethnic... all day
get ethnic... all night long

Walk my way!
talk my way!

This is a new direction
we're gonna take it to the street
Spinman throw down a funky beat
ooh sweet
Don't really care where you come from
you may move to a different drum
jump right in and take you place
we're all part of the human race

(Ethnic chorus):

Like you mama do
and your daddy too
it's an attitude

(Ethnic chorus x 2):

Everybody's different
and we all have a song to sing
Spinman do your rhythm thing... swing... swing
Spinman do your rhythm thing... swing... swing

(Ethnic chorus):

C'mon c'mon baby
smooth me out
smooth me out
(chant fade).

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