Heading Home Songtext
von Donavon Frankenreiter

Heading Home Songtext

try to sell somethin' that just can't be bought
said it's the latest and the greatest but i know that it's not
be somebody you don't wanna be
didn't even exist last year but now it's what we need

oh no not me, oh no not me
cuz i'm headin' home (2x)

try to tell them somethin' that should never be taught
i guess it wont be great around here when they're born
once it's really gone then it's really gone for good
just because you can doesnt mean that you should

oh no not here, oh no not now
cuz i'm headin' home (2x)

go somewhere ya never gone
sing something that ya never sung
think about something that ya never thought
and if you're gonna give, give everything you got

oh yeah right here, oh yeah right now
i'm headin' home(4x)
oh yeah right here, oh yeah right now
we're headin' home (4x)

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