Jump Songtext
von Don McLean

Jump Songtext

Well you better Jump, Jump, Jump,
If you wanna′ live at all.
Yes you better Jump, Jump, Jump,
Even though you're bound to fall
Cause′ they're gonna' make you sorry gonna′ make you cry
If you don′t Jump, Jump, Jump, into the seat by and by.

Well, you Jump for joy and happiness,
You Jump when things go right.
You Jump when you're asleep
And you hear a strange voice in the night.
Sometimes we get to use to things, they don′t mean what they did.
I know that what make my floor, make another fellows lid.


Well, I'm always on the lookout,
For somethin′ fresh and new.
Like bein' on a cookout with a crazy Kangaroo.
Just when I think I′ve found a place where I'm sure I wanna' stop.
My body won′t quit cookin′ and my mind begins to hop.


Well, I'm thinkin′ about a thousand things,
I'm a losin′ lots of sleep.
I'm glidin′ on my inner wings, I'm gettin' set to leap.
I′m ridin′ on my pony, I'm lettin′ out my rope.
I'm lookin′ for an idea that a big bar of soap.


(Instrumental Break)


Well, one man was cold and hungry,
One man was rich and well.
One man stood at the window, as the crowd began to yell.
While the poor man prayed to Jesus and the rich man made a deal.
One man was standing naked yellin' do what you feel.



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