Going for the Gold Songtext
von Don McLean

Going for the Gold Songtext

Going for the Gold

I chased a lot of rainbows
Down a lot of roads
Thinking love was something to be bought or sold
But I finally found a treasure
And it′s right here in your eyes
Now my golden dreams are of golden rings
Precious love without a price

I'm going for the gold
For the heart′s that's in you
I'm going for the love
That I know will be true
I′ve had enough
Of those one night stands
I′m going for the gold that's in a wedding band

I followed those illusions
That sparkled in the night
But they were fantasies that disappeared in the light
The midnight fires that burned so bright
Turn to ashes in the dawn
I didn′t realize how empty I was inside
Until you came along

(Chorus x4)
(Fade out)

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