The Grass Is Blue Songtext
von Dolly Parton

The Grass Is Blue Songtext

(Well, I bet y′all love them, won't bring you down)
(Sing you a sad song, but you like sad songs, dont′cha?)
(And I write a lot of 'em, some albums just plumb hit it for)
(I there's might be one of them but I love sad songs myself)

Well, I′ve had to think up a way to survive
Since you said it′s over, told me, "Goodbye"
And I just can't make it one day without you
Unless I pretend that the opposite′s true

There's snow in the tropics
There′s ice on the sun
It's hot in the Arctic
And crying is fun

Oh, but I′m happy now
And I'm glad we're through
And the sky is green
And the grass is blue

Rivers flow backwards and my tears are dry
Swans hate the water and eagles can′t fly
Oh, but I′m alright now, now that I'm over you
And the sky is green
And the grass is blue
Oh, and I..., I don′t love you
And the grass is... blue

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