bored like me (demo) Songtext
von dodie

bored like me (demo) Songtext

Please, listen closely
I think, you think you know what I want, but you don′t
To want to know me
Is to ask me to ask you to tell, but you won't
And so we sit here
And talk in circles
Pointed politeness
′Til we turn purple
Oh, really, can we cut it all and break the walls
And talk like we've been married 40 years?

And so we dance, dear
Nose to nose, but wanting to be mouth-to-mouth
Give it a chance, dear
Break the ice if there's ice, or at least ask me how

Because we sit here
Both with this knowing
There′s something under
Forever growing
Oh really, can we cut it all and break the walls
And not talk like we′re married 50 years?

I know you're bored like me

So tell me kindly
I wonder if you love like I love loving you
I′m going in blindly
So make the risk want the risk like I want you to do
Just scrap the questions, take off the masks
Let the curtain fall and lead me to the dark
Oh, darling, are you there? Say the word
I will not use this mouth for chatter anymore

Oh, I know you're bored like me

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