The Fox Songtext
von Dob Russkin

The Fox Songtext

Yesterday the palm of your hand
Was big enough for me
To lay down on to sleep
Today it is too small
To stop me if I′d fall
Sometimes I turn and twist your words
And you won't know
You won′t know if I'm true
Or if I'm faking
Playing tricks on you

Do you really want to hold me in your arms
Sometimes I turn into a raven
Sometimes I′m the fox


Oh I can charm away your troubles
As I comb your hair
Or I can laugh away
The gray out of the sky
And I can make you fly
But sometimes I am different
When I got lost in details
I like to be alone
When life scares me to death
I shiver to the bone

If you catch me in the mood
I′m your sister, mother, beast or lover
Possibly you'll find me
In midst this multitude


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