About The money Remix Songtext
von DJ X-Rated

About The money Remix Songtext

I step up in this bitch like Moses
Damn right, motherfucker, Red Sea got departed
This is that All About The Money Remix?
Well, I'm a kill a motherfucker before it even get started
The chrome to the bricks, nigga rag to the riches
Damn right, nigga did it with his soul
Nigga still livin' like a G, keep some niggas 'round me
That'll kill your ass like some Ebola
Serve 'em out the Range Rover
I swear my Rollie stay shining like a rainbow
I took that money machine, filled it with hella green
You be shining like I sprayed you with some oil sheen
DC, Young Fly, now what the fuck you mean?
Young said he Seen It All, now what the fuck ya'll seen?
Grow up in the [?], came in a helicopter
David Beckham, way I kick it like I'm playing hella soccer
I turn the valet to a helipad
Nigga straight walk up in the bitch like I'm Nino
From the coat on my back, to the shoes on my feet
Everything on me Valentino
I'm talkin' Boyz In Tha Hood with the solo, nigga
Testarossa back then, ex polo nigga
Niggas still on my dick, what you a homo, nigga?
When you sayin' my name it's free promo, nigga

If it ain't about the money
Don't be blowin' me up, nigga I ain't gettin' up
If it ain't about the money
Ain't no use in you ringin' my line, stop wastin' my time
If it ain't about the money
Nah I can't even hear what you say, I ain't finna do shit
If it ain't about the money
Bitch, you can miss me with it, bitch nigga miss me with it
Turn it!

What you think I'm standin' in the trap for?
With the fully automatic at the back door
Cause when it's on, know it's on, call me king Corleone
I'm a keep it 1000 like a crack ounce
Give a damn if you flat broke
I'm fitlhy rich, I'm still the same, that's a fact though
Oh yeah, we all about the money, nigga
All you got is money when my name hold weight like a fat ho
I can never join in the game unless I'm capo
Milkin' these niggas even though I'm fuckin' lactose
Take off on the cops, mama said don't look back bro
I'm in New York and I'm ballin' just like a Net though
I'm drinkin' bubblegum pink like Pepto
Bizmo, bet she wanna come through
And get low, I'm a be with Haitians
All my Zoe's, Tip tell these niggas, bro
Bank roll mafia, yeah, we all we retarded
I'm a give you 15 from the carbine
Hit you in the leg, in your head, then your face
When you dead bet ya I'm a take your place on the Forbes list
So better remember with the bullshit partna
I'll be hopping out your bushes with a full clip, got 'em
I'll take a big stick to a fuck nigga neck
Swinging at him kind of like a piñata

I'm a beast with the choppa, I'm the same without it
Graduated from the lean, that's my alma mater
Shoot 'em in his head, say look at my roof
No sticks, no seeds, only kush in my kush
Make a nigga commit suicide and call it a selfie
I get M's like mmm-mmmm-mmm
I'm an asshole, I'm full of myself
You get an asshole full of my foot
They find your ass in the woods when they look
And these hoes ain't as good as they look
I need to take my own advice though, cause if the pussy good then I'm good
Where your ghetto pass nigga, I been big since a little ass nigga
You little ass nigga, you don't get a pass nigga
Started as a middle class nigga
When I blew up, I ain't even hear the blast nigga
I was chillin', smokin' on the loud
Focused on the future, but I need my money now
Don't give me the runaround
Upstairs in my mansion, knock knock, "who's there?"
I ain't even comin' down

I get money on a very rainy day and
I would love to spray your face with Olay, aye
No computer cause you never want a space head
I swallow mama [?] in the place [?]
I'm a big G dinosaur B
You know, YSL takin' over streets
I'm a K-Ci where is Jodeci
I'm a treat a man like he supposed to be
I'm a blood nigga, don't try to approach me
Girl let's hit like Kobe and Ginobili
If you not Gucci emoji can't ignore me
Her booty pop just like a circus baby show me
I might just take off on that broad cause she don't know me
Dej Loaf turn that bitch into macaroni
No scale but my bitches say I'm boney
Lil mama still blushing at the old me

Nigga thug in the impala whole hustle gang follow
Coming from a hundred thousand to another million dollars
You finna fuck around and get yo ass whooped dog
We send ya bullets bout the size of a football
I got a youngin' with a shottie, charge a hundred for a body
I'll pay that to watch a monkey fuck a football
Units of the yayo since I was a day old
Uncle taught me said hasta luego, If it ain't about the money!

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