Cyazzndalot Songtext
von DJ Paul

Cyazzndalot Songtext

[**feat. Project Pat]
[Project Pat:]
Straight from the projects
North Memphis my stomping ground
You bitches don't make a move
You niggas don't make a sound
Get blown if you wanna hoe
Don't fuss at the sawed-off hoe
A hole through yo head though
Lay yo mammy on the flo
Crack rock for them crack fiends
Some tongs for them robbers
My fingerprints on the shells
So I keeps revolver
This song about selling dope
Cross niggas with chump change
We sticking yolk in your face
And blow out your damn brains
We gone off that whitey-white
It get you high as a kite
I'm soaring high with the birds
I'm smoking the hydro herb
It's plentiful down here
Smoking weed and drinking beer
Get to mixing vodka
My nig' with the Everclear
If pockets get empty
Then I gotta take some
I slap you with 44
You know I'm gone break some
You start seeing stars
And wondering who done took your shit
When I ain't got cheese
I'm like a fiend having crack fits
A bitch act up in the club
I see his ass in the lot (x7)
A bitch act up in the club
See you in the parking lot, nigga
[Project Pat:]
You lames talking smack
Get done in my nig'
Shot in the back
And drug in a ditch
Pistol-a smack
Spit up teeth and blood
Cock back the gat
Yo face in the mud
Cops they get mad
No-body got caught
Get a-way clean
Put jewelry in vault
Keep something, work
And got to make cheese
All bitches hating
Can hit they knees
Turn up the volume
Pump up the snare and
Drank on the bottle
While smoking Mary
Don't pop a pill, bitch
Knocked out on X
The dick hard as hell
But like I been hexed bitch
Gone off that shit
This weed got me going
Nose kinda raw so
I start to blowing
Fucked on your gal
And you know she going
I'm drunk as hell
From drinking the moet
Where you hos at
Where you hos at
Where you hos at
Where you hos at
Where you hos at
Where you hos at
Where you hos at
A bitch act up in this club
I see his ass in the lot (x3)
A bitch act up in this club
see you in the parking lot
Get buck, get buck
Get buck, get buck
Get buck, get buck
[Fades Out]

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