Summertime Songtext
von DJ BoBo

Summertime Songtext

Summertime - let the love birds fly tonight
Summertime - can you feel it deep inside
Summertime - come along and sing this song
Let's celebrate a party all night long

No clouds in the deep blue sky
We're so happy so don't be shy
Summertime, I feel so strong
Let's party all night long
Let the sunshine in your heart
Take my hand let the romance start
Everybody's feeling fine
It's summertime

See the stars they are shining bright
Everything is gonna be alright
Summertime goes on and on
Let's party all night long
Honest passion this is true
I feel the fire just for you
Everybody's feeling fine

It's summertime

Now I close my eyes, I'm hypnotized
Living in a dream like paradies
Like Lightning, from the deep blue sky
You entered my life and captured my mind
Like a thief you've stolen my heart
Made me a part of your life and made me start
And when the night goes on, I wanna be with you
That's true - no matter what you gonna do

Flirtin all day, laying on the beach
Summertime is cool can you feel the heat
Of love, you are my fantasy
High up in the sky like birds I'm free
Catch me I'm falling in slowmotion
Let me show my deepest devotion
Just one word, one smile that's true
And all I wanna be is close to you

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