Somebody Dance With Me (2002) Songtext
von DJ BoBo

Somebody Dance With Me (2002) Songtext

I'm back again on a higher stage
Listen to the party beat and get in range
'Cause you know when I flow and I show you so
Which way is better which way you got to go
To make a fun house party all night
You gotta check this out, yo da ya di
'Cause it's party over there with glamour and glairs
(So dance move you, Pump that body!)

Move your body, up and down
Side to side, it's party time
Yeah that's right we're dancing tonight
To the sun is coming up and the sky is all bright
We're coming to the end like you understand
That I'm a partyman do the best I can
To make you laugh again, now I'm out of the scene...

I've got this feeling
Somebody dance with me
Somebody dance with me
I've got this feeling
Somebody dance with me
Somebody dance with me

Another time, another place
Another rhyme done for every race
In your case, we're getting rough
I'm not going to stop 'till you get enough
'Cause you groove back and BoBo is back
And you see it yourself, it's like a heart-attack
My rhymes, combination, infiltration, situation
All over the nation

Like round and round, upside down
Living my life 'till your feet are on the ground
Then put your hands up in the air
And waving like you just don't care
And if you're ready to rap, then rap with me
Somebody say OH YEAH! (oh yeah) OH YEAH (oh yeah) AAOW!


Now it's just the time, I think you're ready
So make some room and space just to hit it
(Move, move that body)
A didley didley dee
Yeah we make the party to the B to the O to the B to the O
Wanna rock your body wanna rock your soul
When I never ever said I do it better
I just know the time, sounds clever

The way you had expected
We're having for the end
Party that was another story
For the party man, and his clan
So they will come again
Show and improve you, it's not the end
It's jam session
My profession
A truly hard yeah one an obsession
But the joke is over, you know what I mean
The party is gone and I'm out of the scene...


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