Indestructible Songtext
von DJ BoBo

Indestructible Songtext

Our love is indestructible
I'll never let you down
Our love is indestructible
I'll make your world go round

When you're sad, when you're down
When you cry I wanna bring back the sun
When you talk, when you smile
I just know you are the only one

Your so precious - so perfect in my eyes
When I'm with you, time flies
Away - can you hear me what I say
Today is the day, don't runaway
Come with me - and let me take you by the hand
Before I've got to go, try to understand
I'll pray, everyday,
Our love, will never go away

Let me tell you it's true - heaven sent you to me
You're my Queen of hearts, you' re my destiny
L-o-v-e - you put a spell on me
One thousand degrees is the heat in my
Soul - you took my self-control
My mind is wild, rolling up and down the hill
Like a waterfall
My love is, indestructible

Let me touch you, hold you, that's all I wanna do
I'm electrified by you
Like thunder - and lightning is a mystery
Basically you took my breath - you're my fantasy
True all I need is you
Everything you say will stay, today
Play the game of everlasting dreams like
In a movie scene!

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