Here Comes Tomorrow Songtext
von DJ BoBo

Here Comes Tomorrow Songtext

Rap 1:

Here comes tomorrow,
Drag in to the trapper,
No more can stoppin',
Ticket like a fun,
That is wanna fast
To think about the past,
Everywhere the human restless lost in space,
Here comes the future - the past is gone,
It's goin' up an' down - run 'n' run 'n' on 'n' on,
Scorn my born,
To abreak the doom,
Forget about sorrow,
Here comes tomorrow.


Here comes tomorrow -
The past is gone,
The future has begun;
It's goin' on 'n' on.

Here comes tomorrow -One step ahead,
The future has begun;
No time for being sad.

Bridge 1:

Here comes tomorrow,
The past is gone,
Here comes tomorrow
And it's goin' on 'n' on.

Here comes tomorrow,
The past is gone,
Here comes tomorrow
And it's goin' on 'n' on.

Here comes tomorrow -
The future begins...

Bridge 2:

Has Nmansand exist? The mirror - 'cause I mist, The world could be the same.

Come in for Nomansland,
When will the future end?
It's just not again.


Magic space
Begin to play,
No naked body had we will in every day.
Telling lies
For run away -
Believin' in the future - run away.

Rap 2:

Here comes tomorrow...

Move up cemetry lost in the centurity,
Every time, every place,
Highs with the shoes,
No one lay my fuse,
It seems to be; reality!
What about the world (in) eternety?
What about the world - insanity?!
Fans in true, welcome to the show,
Down on the zero -
Here comes tomorrow.

Rap 3:

Physical lovers all lost in the future -The point of no return,
Now breakin' up to a bran'new aerial,
We close to enter - the land of Utopia,
It's a vice; again will it faster and faster,
None master lives into (a world) of all this disaster,
What about the place of eternety?
What about the world - insanity?!
The past is gone, you know; let it go!
Forget about sorrow -Here comes tomorrow!

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