Hear Us March Songtext
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Hear Us March Songtext

Hear us march like thunder from the sky
No fear in our hearts? cause we're about to die
For Walhalla, fire in our eyes
Hear us march like thunder from the sky
Warriors, a new dawn has arrived
The people became angry so they gathered for a fight
Familiar with shaking hands with death
We march into the fields where the soil turns red
We know some of us won't make it back home
To our loved ones and our wives
But we chose to fight for freedom
So we chose to sacrifice
Warriors, every time we meet
We have been brought together by the pains of defeat
Join with us, raise your banners high
Let the ones you fight know that you? re prepared to die
As we echo in eternity we forget about the pain
Cause the writing on the wall predicts
That the future holds our names
Whatever the price may be
To fulfill our destiny
We shall fight with each and every one
Cause our legacy lives on

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