Oh Doctor! Songtext
von Dirty Honkers

Oh Doctor! Songtext

Doctor help me out I'm just not in the mood and I'm feeling so low tonight
Need a little something to pick me up
To get my mojo rolling right

Feeling like a dog in the desert heat come on and catch me if I fall
Ho-oo operator, tell me who to call

Hello doctor?
Yes thats me
Im not feeling so well
Im on my way
Yes, please come quick

Well I'm the party doctor baby, how you doing tonight
Looks like you need a little pick-me-up something to get you rolling right
So come here and let me check your condition
Pretty girl like you don't even need prescription
Nooo, not at all, you need a good rock'n roll!

Come on baby
Take you out tonight
Then I make you feel alright

Don't be so down baby
I got a the cure for you

Take a deep breath
Help me out
Dont stress
I need it now
I give it to you
A good rockin
No doubt
To pick me up
So come here
Give it to me
Oh yeah
Right now
So wild

Makes me want to scream and shout
Oh Doctor, I can't take it no more, no
Ouh baby don't you worry about nothing, all you need is some good old rock'nRoll

Yeah, that's it
Uh, it's the dirty old boogie
You know baby
Let's go party tonight
That I'll make you feel allright

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