Knowing When to Leave Songtext
von Dionne Warwick

Knowing When to Leave Songtext

Knowing When to Leave
Go while the going is good
Knowing when to leave
May be the smartest thing
Anyone can learn

I'm afraid my heart isn't very smart
Fly while your still have your wings
Knowing when to leave will never let you
Reach the point of no return

Foolish as it seems
I still have my dreams
So I keep hoping, day after day
As I wait for the man
And night after night
As I wish for a love
That can be though
I'm sure that no one can tell
When a wish is a hope
Somehow I feel there is happiness
Waiting for me

When someone walks in your life
You'd just better
Be sure he's right
'Cause if he's wrong
There's are heartaches
And tears you must face
Keep both of your eyes
On the door and never
Let it get out of sight
Just be prepared
When the time comes
And you went away

Sail when the wind starts to blow
But like a fool
I don't know when to leave

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