We Have a Dream Songtext
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We Have a Dream Songtext

We believe the dream comes true
Everything we tried to do
It wasn't easy all the time
We never felt like this before
But we love it more and more
Every day and every night
We had joy and we had pain
Come let us start again
Music is what we're living for


[We have a dreammusic is our lifewe have a hopemusic will survivewe take the chancewe had it allwe feel like heroeswe're standing tallwe have a dreamto win this gamewe laughed, we criedwe'll still be friendswe take the chanceof our lifethere is no losermusic survived]

We all had the greatest time
Hearts were beating, and we felt find
May I dream, my dream with you
I, I was sometimes so alone
Couldn't make it on my own
But my friends, they're helping me
We had tears and we had fun
And we're singing our songs
Music is what we're living for


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Ich finde das Lied soooooooo cool

Lalalula lied

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