We Are No Heroes Songtext
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We Are No Heroes Songtext

You're alone, in your heart
And I swear, I will be there, if you need me
Nobody's home, try a start
And I show you, there will be a destiny
There's a star, it shows the way for me and you
There's a star, who tells me what I shouldn't do
So if you trust me, I'll stay always be by your side
And I promised I'll be your guardian light

We are no heroes, but we are your friend
We all need love, oh just for our life, baby
We are no heroes, oh don't let it end
And music, music will survive
There's a chance for your dream
You are larger than the universe to me
A romance, oh it seems
It's so hard to find, my baby can't you see
Oh I've lived a thousand lifes, baby in one
Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm down, but I'll be strong
Life is too short, my baby don't throw it all away
And I promised, babe I'll make your day
Refrain (2x)
Will survive

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