Stay Songtext
von Destiny’s Child

Stay Songtext

Baby I want for nothing just your tender sweet loving
I know you've got your things to do
But tell me what means more to you
Hanging out with me or with your boys
Sometimes I do get lonely
No you and no one to hold me
You want so much to lay me down
Is that what keeps you hanging 'round?
Is that the only way to win your heart?
Well if I loved you a little bit longer
If my love was a little bit stronger
Would you stay, stay?
Baby please stay
If I granted all of your wishes
Give you more than touches and kisses
Would you stay, stay?
I need you to stay
I'll be, be yours forever
But can we keep us together?
I know the time is drawing near
I promised you has it been a year
Baby now I'm ready, will you stay? Sta-ay
Every now and then ya think about it
If you love me, you could live without it
But I don't wanna do you that way, no no no no no
I don't know exactly what I'm feelin'
I'm kinda scared but I'm then kinda willing
Will you promise me just one thing?
No matter what, you're gonna stay

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