Mall of America Songtext
von Desaparecidos

Mall of America Songtext

They say its murder on your folk career
to make a rock record with the disappeared
we'll let the police helicopters pull stereos out of the lake

there is not an image that I must defend.
There are no art forms now just capitalism
so send the national guard
to the mall of america

and they can dress dead bodies
up in tight designer jeans
diesel prada it looks good
it looks good!
yeah it does!

I'm gonna lie down with a common sound
I'm gonna bury my blues so its never found
I'm gonna learn to pay attention to the television sets
and if my sadness needs a catalyst
I'll just uncover my eyes so much stimulus.
And at the shopping epicenter
I have an agoraphobic fit

so buy a fountain soda put some sugar on my tongue
I'll wake up and write some songs with no soul with
no soul!

with nooooo soul!

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