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Don’t Say You Love Me Songtext
von Depeche Mode

Don’t Say You Love Me Songtext

You′ll be the killer
I'll be the corpse
You′ll be the thriller
And I'll be the drama, of course

If you play the sinner
I'll play the stain
If you play the winner
I′ll be your permanent pain

I′ll be the boredom
You, the desire
I'll be the catcalls
And you′ll be the sound of the choir

You, anesthetic
I'll be the scream
You′ll be the promise
And I'll be the end of your dreams

So don′t say you love me
'Cause you'll never love me

You′ll be the flowers
That some lover sent
I′ll be the goodbye
Note that is hiding in them

You are the singer
I am the song
The tune that will linger
The bitter taste left on your tongue

So don't say you love me
How could you love me?

Your flowers and your make-believe
The secrets and the notes you keep
The promises left on the sheets
You′ll never love me
Fool your friends, believe your lies
Make amends and alibis
In the end you can't disguise
That you′ll never love me

You'll be the killer
I′ll be the corpse
You'll be the laughter
And I'll be the punchline, of course

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