Baby Songtext
von Deluxe

Baby Songtext

Yes indeed ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls
you are now rocking with the mighty Deluxe
It's a family show baby.
.A State of Mind in the building
We bout to get get busy one time like this yall.
And like that yall.

Super cali-kush-a-licious hefty halitosis for the hopeless
The l-the-y-the-r-the-o the mantic and
semantic language sandwiches abandoned all the anguish
from the planets. revolving in this universe we sculpted

At the tender age of ten and eight. replaced the
Hacky sack with nasty acrobatics of the wordplay variety bade
farewell to sobriety in its entirety
...flipping the sickness. casually flying free

Watch where you're driving bozzo
Stay off the lane in my road
Lay off the child in my soul
Cuz I aint giving it up no!

A permanent feel for coconut pearls
Anytime of the day i'll whirl and twirl
The buddha it burns the wheel it turns
Sweet sticky treats for the child in me!
Hasn't but a long while but it feels like a life
Since we been together
Taking things to the wild catering, chicken weather!
Family butter finger!


Like lambs to the slaughter, cross borders...

I've been orbiting the sun for a quarter of a century,
Becoming more aware that this here was meant to be.
This year was heavily packed: beers, a couple mean sacks, Cheers!
You best believe that we're here, and going no damn where.

I paint a Kodac-clear pic, and won't let fear kick
it with me. Yo, my soul has ears. Get me?
Man, they're picky and they're steering my being,
As I relive my youth through a liquory dream.

The slickidy slick. the licorice stick the youthful optimistic
And everyday the records that play the beacons at night that light the way
Enter the maze, while in a daze like we're back in the 10th grade.
Licking a stick of the Sensi and knocking them out like Dempsey.

Smiling. faces. sharing the love
And we keep on tearing it up
Similing. faces. sharing the love
And we keep on tearing it up

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