Daniel Songtext
von Deluxe feat. Youthstar

Daniel Songtext

Ladies and gentlemen
How's everybody doin this evening?
Allow me to introduce myself, Youthstar
And this is the Deluxe family show
So girls and boys!
I wanna see you get off your seatbacks and roll this on
Let's get it on!

God the lady's gossip the morning after grim
[...] every loony's god damn funky tutsa ice cream
Did you know now, what has been a show now
Aren't you with birthday boy or borrowed by his dream team
The facts [...] break out to me
[...] party party
I'd like to mighty naughty
With my birthday pretty lady
Lose the time to disagree now

[...] out of my brain

The day is bad too [...] for me
I swear I tried my best to seem
You can't change dear
[...] out of this box
You want me to change now
In my modern hot

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