Too Me Songtext
von Deluxe feat. Tumi

Too Me Songtext

Hey, I 'm feeling alright though
Nikes on, belt like I been killing pythons
You see T smiling yeah
It might show
usually unapproachable but tonight no
I am in the club one deep
And comfy
No squad cool enough to be fuck VIP
I got standards I am not stundee
But this kid's stepping on my crocodile dundees
Son please!
Watch where you walking
His like "me"
Yes you,
I promise you do not want beef
With a vegetarian mercenary ass mc
With a squad of the craziest French kids
I snap my fingers shit will get tense quick
The band makes listeners scream when they mentioned
Liliboy approaches what an entrance
Deluxe came on and defused the tension

I hear your new and strange
Tunes messing with my mind
Since you came to my world It's like a bizarre ride to the pharcyde
Something's changed

Hey how you do that thing?
The shit so tight and sharp you sing
You caught me kind of weakening
Deliver the dough tumisome pack of flow
Hey where d'you hide them wings
Boitumelo angel King
Pulling on my every string
How d'you know my wildest dream?


Get a feeling
Get a rhythm
Get a real women
Who can sing bitterness out and fill it with good music
In a world of cynicism and the bullshitting
try your hand at lyricism
Ain't nobody cool widdit
But we killing them
We back to the grill again
We rap what we feeling
Til we capture your woman friend
Make em bounce til I am back to the South not Africa but Aix en Provence!


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