Silence in Your Eyes Songtext
von Deine Lakaien

Silence in Your Eyes Songtext

Step by step the greyness creeps
Along the roads that lead to me
I am sipping cups of bitter tea
Cold are the winds that come to me
From a land without no tree

As we watch our neighbour's face
Careful nurses come to mind
Peaceful motions of an old nun's arm
Try to choke a lonely star
Storyteller's gone too far

Pure ice melts in trembling heads
Can't get back the prepaid rent

Now and then we all cannot decide
I can see I can see
I can see the silence in your eyes

Memories come and disappear
I hear songs of love my dear
Who is flying over us tonight
Tries to hush us into sleep
Into silence falling deep

Fire burns but then they slowly die
In our room in our room
Where I can see
The silence in you eyes

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