Sweet Dudes and Sweet Ladies Songtext
von Defiance, Ohio

Sweet Dudes and Sweet Ladies Songtext

Tomorrow might be the day I die
So I want, or rather must, confide
All these things I did, or did not,
Try to hide.
Well, if boys are boys and
Girls are girls.
Then boys and girls
Are sometimes confused
And I am confused most all the time.

Well let's get one thing right
Our friends are good
And their support is great
But the outcome is everything
And that's left to me and you

So if today is that day I dread
Then at least it can be said
That we, we did things right.
We wrestled with our sense of pride
And even if it didn't sound like a battle cry.
Still we, we did things right.

We hung up our relationships
For everyone to see
Then blind interpretations
Couldn't say what's right for you or me
And we could find out what we want
And make no apologies
Because we couldn't coexist
Any other way.

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von Defiance, Ohio

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