Hairpool Songtext
von Defiance, Ohio

Hairpool Songtext

I'll tell you in street intersections
Cause they give you a place to go
Give meanings to lines on maps
Tell you how you're gonna get home.
Now I'm back in the Mid-West
Where everything is familiar and sincere.
Everything's external and nothing just happens to you here
In between coasts.
Lookin' for what it was you lost on second street
Forgot what it was on Washington
And you let it go, you let it go
You let it go, and you jumped in that pool undone
We're still in town, isn't that fun, yeah isn't that fun?
Now i know there's been some hard times
And i don't mean you and me
You're over believing, back to forgetting
And you're turning on tv
What you see just makes you know
And the headlines all become a blur
And the years and lives scroll by the
Bottom of that screen like desert sand
And we're entrenched in a mess
Embedded in our beds, sleepin' in
What i wouldn't give to wanna live like i was ten
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