Love Conquers All Songtext
von Deep Purple

Love Conquers All Songtext

Feels like the end
When you′re closer to losing your dreams
Than losing a friend
Flying blind
I'm shooting into the dark
Who will I find
Oh girl
And if it takes me a lifetime
I swear I′ll tear down every wall
Love conquers all

On my way
Tomorrow I rise with the sun
Soon I'll be gone
Words can't say
How the memories of feelings of love
They linger on
Oh girl
And if it takes me forever
I know it′s worth every teardrop that falls
Love conquers all

Somewhere there′s a place in your heart
Where the wounds never heal
Well, you're not alone
That′s just how I feel

Love conquers all
This one will last a lifetime
And if love conquers all
This one will last forever

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