Shock Your Mama Songtext
von Debbie Gibson

Shock Your Mama Songtext

So ya ready to learn?
Baby I'm here to teach you
Things you've only done in your dreams
Boy you have only touched
The tip of the iceberg
I'll meet you at the other extreme
In a different world, I'm a different girl
You'll see me in a darker light
More than meets the eye, come along for the ride
Hold on tight 'cause I just might...

Shock your mama
Shock shock your mama baby
Shock your mama
Shock shock your mama baby
Shock your mama
Shock shock your mama baby
Shock your mama tonight

You picked me up at eight for dinner at nine
Baby where did that hour go?
Your mother thinks I'm cool and everything's fine
Boy the things that she doesn't know
While she's servin' dinner I'll ber servin' time
Counting minutes 'til we're all alone
I've got another menu and I'll show you when you
Give me the time, we'll spill the wine
We're gonna...

If anyone thinks we're movin' too fast
Tell the whole world they can kiss my...


(Oh my!)
I'm not talkin' about your moma but I'm hoping that if you wanna
We could go on a trip, would it be hip baby!?!
We could go to the stars, Venus and Mars
Maybe we could find another kind of love that's different than ours
Lovin' that knows no boundaries, I found a reason
Love that has no limits or no gimmicks or no jealousy within it
Mama don't allow the kinds of things I've been sayin'
The games that I've been playin'
The hearts that I've been swayin' in my direction
It's heading straight into YOUR heart
And my suggestion is that you better do your part
And don't worry if you shock... your mama
(And your daddy too!)

Shock Break:
Shock it 'til ya drop
I'm gonna shock shock
Shock it baby don't ever stop

Though I'm all good news in my Sunday shoes
I'm gonna wear you out on Saturday night
So know your fact from your fable, look before you label
'Cause I cook a different meal on someone else's table that will...
Later... much

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