Wolfgirl Songtext
von Deathless Legacy

Wolfgirl Songtext

Shadowland, day 9
I keep to write about the bride,
A mother of moonkind
I have search
Since dawn of mankind
Man has to hide at night

Curse of the moon
Corpses every month
Lie in the woods
bited and pulped
An endless hunt
The theets that blunt
She howl at night
You point the sight

Her breathing behind your dirty neck
The Wolfgirl is coming to infect

Shadowland, day 12
I keep to delve into the shelves
I've found a spell, I've found a damn
Cast by a witch against a madam
"Oh sweetheart, sweet gem
You killed the wolf that ate your lambs
So I curse you
To realize how poor we are
Without some fight
Inbreed the innocents
Biting the blood vessels
Look at the beast you are
An hairy wolfmoon madam
Remember rotten heart"

I look at night to see the light
Of the moon, my enemy
I feel thrill, I feel ill
My nails are growing fast
Time for the beast
I feel the rage

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