Take My Time Songtext
von Dave Meniketti

Take My Time Songtext

Another hell week coming down on me
Good time for wasting my time
My mind keeps flashing "no vacancy"
I think I'd better take it offline
Well, I don't want to take on the world today
Let someone else take the prize
I'm so outta here, I'm gonna leave it
Leave it behind, far behind
And I'm gonna take my time
Oh, and give a little back to myself
I'm gonna take my time
Cause I need the simple life once again
Kickin' back with my feet up
While I watch the suits walkin' by

Some car is blastin' "Rescue Me"
Well, I guess it must be a sign
Well, someone said, "these are the good years"
Well, I better start making mine
Hey señorita, one more margarita
And I'm feeling fine, wasting time
I'm gonna take my time
And spend more time hangin' with my friends
I'm gonna take my time
Cause I need some time to catch my breath
Time can be prison
That keeps you locked up inside
And time is freedom
Freedom to fly, and I'm flyin' high

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