Tell Her You Do Songtext
von Dave Barnes

Tell Her You Do Songtext

Boy you know better than thinkin' she reads your mind
No matter the crumbs and the clues oh that you leave behind

You're hard to believe
I swear she'll believe if it's true
Oooh ooh ooh just tell her you do

Those hurricane kisses are missing the mark that you made
The forest of flowers can't tell her what you want to say

She's wondering something
Her eyes are the first to accuse
Ooh ooh ooh just tell her you do

Your world is the fire she's the flame
And you know her heart feels the same

The windows are open
She glows in the light of the moon
Her every word is a verse and oh you know the tune

Don't keep her waiting
Bravery favors the fool
Ooh ooh ooh just tell her you do

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