Evergreen Songtext
von Dark New Day

Evergreen Songtext

I′ve been living it my way. I've been living it for myself.
It′s the things that you don't say about the way that I know you've felt.
Everything right in my eyes. Two are one and as a whole.
Pour yourself into my life. I can′t feel without your soul.

Say that you′ll find no one else.
I pray that you find nothing
To tarnish the shine on what we've built
Beneath you and I.
Living our lives Evergreen.

I′ve been given the one thing. I've been given the greatest gift.
I′ve been sheltered on my way. Covered by all you give.
Greater good shines in my sky. I bathe in its precious glow.
Grounded in the heart of life, I've got something that can grow.


Not affected by the ever changing world around us.
We′re protected by the things we share so deep inside us.
Say that you'll stay

We'll stay Evergreen


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