Dark Avenger (Manowar cover) Songtext
von Dark Avenger

Dark Avenger (Manowar cover) Songtext

[Mario Linhares/Leonel Valdez/Osiris Di Castro/Rafael]

March with me thou who art dead
Welcome to the hell
Leave here out all the hopes
Thou who cometh in
You will see there's no end
To the insanity!
Endlessly you will stand
Burning in the fire!

'Cos your life has come to an end
And now you've got to pay your dues

Dark Avenger... That's my name!

See... this is the place where you've come to
The suffer, the pain and despair
Is on and on never stop
These art ye rewards
For when you were in sin
And now you gotta face, gotta pay
To every mistake you've made

Yes Mylady, say and I will
Tell the names and places
I'll bring them to your arms
My dear LadyDeath

I just wait to cut their lives
And bring their souls to realms of death

Dark Avenger... That's my game!

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