Sunchyme Songtext
von Dario G

Sunchyme Songtext

Yo, check it, call Lil' Cease
Tell that muh'f***er to bring me some muh'f***in' weed
For this hospital, man f*** that
Tell that reporter to go pick up ten thousand from Dez
And go take about like twenty G's from Gino
Tell that muh'f***er get this n**** next door up out of here
N**** be snorin' all night I can't sleep
Call that big butt nurse with the long hair to come suck my dick
The doctor said I need about three weeks of recovery
But the nurses is lovin' me
Sayin' the best part of the day is my half
Feedin' me breakfast and givin me a sponge bath
N****z say I died dead in the streets
N**** I'm gettin' high, gettin' head on the beach
Chillin', sittin' on about half a million
With all my n****z, all my guns, all my women
Next two years, I should see about a billion
All for the love of drug dealin'
Got no love for the other side, f*** them tricks
Any repercussion, Junior M.A.F.I.A. spit clips
All the time, Big Poppa kick the war rhymes
Raw flows, and that's how it goes
C'mon, we are, we are
No, no, no, notorious
He is, he is
No, no, no, notorious
This for my n****z slingin' thangs, had my ring encaged
Truck, necklace, igloo ring and things
For the b****es, who see them rims spin and grin
That s*** with the V-trim that win
And the enormous fields disperse of rap
On the road to the riches more furs to drag
More n****z to kill, than birds to bag
Hit the jeweler and splurge the tab, uh
Hops, out the truck like, "Trick, what up?"
Call me Sean if you suck, call me gone when I nut
That's the end of us, get your friend to f***
Untwist and bend her up, you know the deal
N****z talkin' real greasy on some ballin' s***
Funny how quick these pricks forget
Actin' like I ain't the reason they traded they s***
Switched that 5, copped that 6
It's all good, you know who the clone is
F*** the Joneses, n****z tryin' to keep up with the Combses
C'mon y'all
We are, we are
No, no, no, notorious
He is, he is
No, no, no, notorious
Who that queen b****, keep her glass filled to the rim?
The Notorious K-I to the M
That's me, on MTV, no doubt
Titty out like what, I don't give a f***
Y'all know my attitude, can't stand my cologne
Then stay your ass home, you and your chaperone
Things done changed, but we continue to reign
As the King and the Queen of hip-hop, me and B.I.
Frank White still listen to all the 'ttention
I'm by his side, with the chrome fifth, playin' my position
Sexy, young thing, from the ghetto
That bitch rockin' mics in high heel stilettos
We takin' over like Francis
Switchin' our styles like the hottest new dancers
See, I let y'all live to stack a little paper
Be glad I pushed my album back, I did y'all hoes a favor
She did you a favor, c'mon now, yeah
No, no, no, notorious
He is, he is
Bad Boy baby, D.R. c'mon
No, no, no, notorious
We are, we are
Queen Bee baby, we are, c'mon
No, no, no, notorious
He is, he is
No, no, no, notorious
We are, we are
Bad Boy 2000
No, no, no, notorious
B.I.G. Born Again
And he won't stop
No, no, no, notorious
â€~Cause he can't stop, yeah
We are, we are
No, no, no, notorious
He is, he is

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